How to obtain residence visa in Dubai

There are several options for obtaining residence permit (resident visa) in Dubai, UAE.


1) The first option - the acquisition of residential property (real estate) in Dubai.


In order to be eligible to apply for a resident status in Dubai in this category, it is necessary that the property is ready for occuppancy, i.e. Its construction should be completed, and its cost should be at least 1 million Dirham which is about 273 thousand US dollars. The visa can be obtained only by the person indicated as the owner in the certificate of the ownership of the real estate (Title Deed). Advantages of this option - there is no need to register a company. Disadvantages – the visa is issued only for 2 years, does not give the right to work in the UAE, requires high investment in the purchase of real estate.


2) The second option – the registration of your own company in Dubai.


Such company shall be registered either 1) in one of the Dubai free economic zones or 2) in the form of a limited company in Dubai (with 49% of foreign shareholding and 51% share of UAE citizen or 3) the professional company in Dubai. The ownership in the company gives the right to apply for a residence permit in the Dubai as a shareholder of the Dubai registered company.


To date, the creation of the cheapest company in Dubai (in the Dubai South Free Zone located at the new terminal of the Dubai airport) with two shareholders and two resident visas will cost 22,000 (twenty-two thousand US dollars). The annual renewal of the company will cost 12,000 US dollars (including audit). Resident visa will be issued for 3 years. The time required for processing all documents, registering a company and obtaining a residence permit is on average 3-6 weeks.


Advantages – this option does not require vast amount of investment that is required when obtaining a residence permit as a property owner in Dubai. At present, it is not required to deposit the declared capital ($ 82,000) into the bank account. A visa of this type is issued for a longer period - for 3 years. Plus, this visa allows you to conduct business through the company.


The drawback of this option is the costs of the company's registration and its annual renewal.


Based on the above, the majority business people choose the second option of registration of the right to permanent residence in the UAE - through the registration of their own company.


3) The third option is to be hired as an employee of a company in Dubai


A person who has a job in Dubai has the right to a resident visa. A visa is issued on the basis of an employment contract with the employer.


1)    Visas for family members


Residence visas for family member can be issued only after the completion of the procedure for obtaining residence visa for head of the family.


It should be noted that in order for an employee to be a sponsor of his family (wife and children), he must have an appropriate position, for example, to be a manager and have a high education. In order to issue visas to family members, the employee's diploma, marriage certificate and birth certificates of children must be translated into Arabic and certified by the UAE Embassy in the country of their issuance.



The cost of processing of 1 resident visa is currently about 1000 US dollars.