Legal Fees in respect of various legal services provided in Dubai by «Marina Fox Legal Consultancy»

Description of legal services provided in Dubai In UAE Dirhams (AED) In US Dollars (US$)
1. Hourly rate for various services provided on the hourly basis (legal consultations, meetings, written legal opinion, drafting of contracts, representation of clients, legal correspondence on behalf of the client, legal assistance in commercial transactions and various other legal services provided on a timely basis) AED2000per hour US$550per hour
2. Legal opinion in English regarding setting up business in the United Arab Emirates corresponding to the client’s requirements AED7,300 US$2,000
3. Legal assistance in registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai AED25,700 US$7,000
4. Legal assistance in registration of a professional establishment or a professional company in Dubai AED15,000 US$4,100
5. Legal assistance in registration of a company in one of the Free Zones in Dubai (Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone, etc.) AED25,700 US$7,000
6. Legal assistance in registration of an offshore company in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai (including annual government fee, annual registration agency fee, documents and stamp) AED23,800 US$6,500
7. Legal assistance in registration of a company in one of the Free Zones in Sharjah or Ajman (Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah International Airport Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone) AED22,000 US$6,000
8. Legal assistance in opening a bank account in Dubai, the UAE AED3,670 US$1,000
9. Legal assistance in respect of real estate transactions (0,5% of the real estate cost but not less then AED11,000=US$3000) 0,5% 0,5%
10. Legal assistance provided to regular client on an annual basis (100 hours are charged at 20% discounted rate conditional to full annual fee being received in advance) AED160,000 US$43850
  • Legal fees do not include VAT. 5% VAT shall be added to the charged legal fees.
  • Specified amounts shall be used as a guideline only, individual quote will be provided based on the client’s individual requirements
  • Legal fee for the services that are not specified above will be quoted in response to an individual request sent at mail@marinafox.com
  • Legal fees could be changed by the firm without prior notice

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