Marina Fox Legal Consultancy

- is a Dubai based law firm that offers the unique advantage of combining expertise in UAE law with a deep understanding of clients" needs thereby bridging the cultural barriers between business needs of foreign clients and UAE laws and institutions.

The firm’s predominant practice areas include corporate law, commercial law including international commercial transactions and real estate law.

Need advice on UAE corporate law?
Corporate Law

Lawyers at Marina Fox Legal Consultancy assist clients in formation of companies in the United Arab Emirates and provide a comprehensive range of services with regard to such new ventures.

Property and Real Estate Law

Lawyers at Marina Fox Legal Consultancy deal with legal issues involved in buying, selling, developing, financing, building, leasing and managing properties in Dubai.

Commercial Law

We advise our clients on legal and practical aspects, advantages and pitfalls of business in the United Arab Emirates.

Aviation Law

We deal with international transactions in aviation field, mainly Aircraft, engines and aviation equipment sales

Please note that we are a commercial law firm and do not undertake criminal, family or personal injury work.

Why us?

Over 30 years of legal experience
Legal knowledge of various jurisdictions (UAE, England, Russia)
Confidentiality and individual approach to each client
Understanding of clients’ business
Legal services in English and Russian
Unique ways to resolve juridical problems