10 years of law firm Marina Fox Legal Consultancy

In May 2015 the law firm Marina Fox Legal Consultancy celebrated 10 years. This year also marks 30 years of my legal practice. I would like to thank my customers for their cooperation and I am proud that among them are successful businessmen, well established and emerging companies, investors who have purchased real estate properties in Dubai where they live with their families or come to visit this country from time to time. My clients rely on my knowledge of the UAE law, on many years of experience in Dubai, London and Russia, on my ability to correctly assess the situation and propose the most appropriate legal solution.

I thank my daughter, my family and friends for their understanding and support during all these years.

I dedicated a new website of my company to its 10th anniversary. It meets the latest standard in computer technology, including IPhone and IPad. I continue to develop not only the site, but also my company according to the latest trends in jurisprudence, using lessons learned and staying true to my principles of legal practice. Dubai have changed a lot since 1992 when I first came here; I have changed a lot as well.

I am proud of my achievements, continue working and look into the future with optimism.

Marina Fox